Friday, June 29, 2007

Limitations...knowing them...working around them.

Okay, I know that at this point I'm "limited". But can't a girl dream of redoing the ceilings of her entire house to look like these:

Freaking gorgeous! Found this pic on Lots and lots of great pics that I go back and drool over frequently.

Monday, June 04, 2007

vindi viri vici....left with nothing!

It was pretty much picked over...I'll give it a while and go back through. It was very surreal though, felt like I should be rushing through a frigid parking lot to a frosty car as I was walking out. Can't even begin to explain how much I appreciate walking out of stores into the warm sun down here.

John Mayer will be playing Tampa on 08/07...went on ticketmaster to look for tickets, and the best available stink! Ugh....went on stub hub and while there are some AMAZING seats (if he drops his pick, it might land in my cleavage, we're talking close!), they are soooooooo expensive!

I think I'll set a goal for Josh & myself, and if certain listings sell by certain dates..."waiting for the world to change"!

***UPDATE: Josh and I beat our goals, and yes, he suprised me with tickets to John Mayer! Yay!!! Can't wait :-)***

In the mean time, I've made a selection as to the plants I'd like to use to increase our privacy in the backyard:

Sand Cordgrass

"Sand cordgrass is a large bunch-forming grass (usually without runners) that gets 4-6 ft (1.2-1.8 m) tall. The leaves are rolled, almost wire-like and a little sandpapery (but not sharp) to the touch. The stems and leaves arise in a dense cluster and curve out and down to take up a space equal to the clump's height. The whole plant is brownish-green: more green in summer and more brown in winter, but never as brown as pampas grass gets in winter. "