Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our favorite new breakfast spot in Brooksville, FL

While picking up some cowboy boots
my boyfriend had re-heeled, we spotted a diner-y type
restaurant across the street from the boot shop.

If you've read my previous post about having
several (at last count there were 26!) roosters
decorating my kitchen, you might just happen to notice why it
caught my eye:

The food was delicious, the prices very reasonable,
and the staff friendly and welcoming!

We loved it, and vowed to become regulars!

Hoping that upon returning from our impending trip to
the UK & Scotland that we will do exactly that.

Wondering if Phil the manager will remember me and my Phil...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

They could use our help!

The F.W. Springstead Marching Eagle Brigade
is in desperate need of funding.

These kids could sure use a minute or two of your time.

Read more about the band, and vote for them here.

And thank you to Pepsi for the opportunity!

You can also text 102376
to PEPSI (73774)

standard text rates apply.

Super easy way to help some very hard working kids!

Thank you for your support!!!

About springstead high school marching band:

Springstead High School Band has competed in state competiton and placed 2nd last year.

We are a title 1, low income high school, resulting in many students unable to pay band fees, Due to increase budget cuts, lack of funding, we are in desprite need of equipment, maintenance, and uniforms.