Friday, January 25, 2008

Rate My Obsession HernandoLuxuryHomes = Spring Hill Real Estate

We've got a new little man in the house - a siamese rescue named "Nermal". He is quite a character, very vocal, and super friendly. I'll post pics ASAP!

In the mean time...let's rate my rate my space obsession....

I definitely get 5 stars (or in rate my space speak 5*'s or even *****) when it comes to how positively obsessed I am with this site.

I had perused through briefly a while ago but the rudeness and free for all room bashing had scared me away.

Well, it seems during my time away from the fray things have softened, thank goodness. And now folks...I CANNOT GET ENOUGH! There are some hugely talented people out there and this website provides them the opportunity to do a bit of showing off (and me, the freakishly house obsessed real estate assistant to the stars (a.k.a. Josh) , the chance to take a peek at their perfection).

Here's a link to one of the spaces that is knocking my socks off right now:

I might even get up the nerve (or the budget, HA!!!) to put our place up there...yikes!

Hope your holidays were happy & healthy!