Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Made it just before the witching hour!

Me & Li

My annual "Martha Stewart" pumpkin is on the left in front of the white one, lol. I made the holes to small this year. We had somewhere around 175 kids I'd estimate...down from last year and the year before. I thought being on a Friday would've meant more...hmmmmm......

Li had so much fun she didn't even want to trick or treat - she just wanted to hand out the candy!


Once things slowed down we headed over to Snew's high school to catch the band play after the homecoming game.


Hope you had a very Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

If you survived the 80's...

then you need to go here:


and join the fun. The hostess' post has me in tears right now, I'm laughing that hard.

In the 80's I wanted to grow up to be either:


The story of my first "Cabbage Patch Kid"...

One wonderful Christmas in the 80's, Santa brought me a "Cabbage Patch Kid". There was something different about this cabbage patch kid. I couldn't pin point it...she was just a bit off from other's I'd seen. But I loved her anyway, and was sooo happy to finally have one of my own.

She went everywhere with me, and at night time she cowered under my blankets with me, hiding from the boogie man. (or the giant green big bird - a story for another day) We were inseperable, and I was soooo happy to finally have one of my very own. Until the day my parents told me there was something wrong with her and that I couldn't touch her anymore. That she would make me sick. I was crushed. How could this happen? Why? Whyyyy???

Because she was fake. Santa brought me a FAKE Cabbage Patch Kid. A TOXIC fake cabbage patch kid.

I remember my Mom putting my doll into a big plastic bag...and I slept with her one last time and then went with my parents to a store where I had to hand her over to the lady behind the counter. Santa got us real ones the next Christmas, but I never forgot my girl in the bubble.

A knock at the door, a ring of the bell...

and who should appear at my doorstep? The mailman with a package...for me!? How do I know? Well, there is my the most beautiful script. (How did you write so beautifully?) I hold my breathe with anticipation and carefully open the box.
Nermal rushes over to investigate this exciting new arrival:
Inside is beautifully wrapped bundle:
How pretty is that ribbon? And inside it's protective tissue is a very special new addition to my Halloween decor. It's my prize from FawnDear's give away! Isn't he adorable? And he's thin enough to fit on my skinny minny mantle, but still nice and tall. This is harder to find than you can ever imagine until you have a skinny minny mantle and need to decorate it.
Say hello to Boo:

Thank you FawnDear! We love him! :)

My lanai is depressingly grubby...

I made my Thursday morning run outside to make sure I hadn't left hoses, tools, bird feeders, etc. out in the lawn and to pick up any fallen grapefruits or oranges before the lawn guy comes by. He does not like it when there's stuff in his way needless to say. It's been too cold to do anything out there (we're talking 60's here people, I'm dying...I remember when this was I keep my a/c at 82, and that can be chilly sometimes...) so all was clean and clear. Except for the lanai. It's filthy. Gross. Nasty. I'm ashamed of myself. I've been telling myself I'll get to it. It's been a year at this point. Atleast. I jumped on to the computer for a little inspiration courtesy of RateMySpace and came across this one:

It's got the square lines of my pool. Mind you mine are on a much smaller scale. Mine is probably 1/5th the size of this home's. Maybe 1/6th... I decided check out zoegirl's other rooms and then WHAM! There it was. The end all be all of laundry rooms. Do you have any idea how many single socks awaiting their never to be found mates I could fit in this bad boy? Take a gander:

I could sit at that desk and create excel spread sheets for the socks categorizing them by color, length, material, when they were last seen get the idea. That granite looks like it'd be a delicious flavor if it were ice cream. Something with caramel. And fudge. I think that classifies it as "yummy".

I can't belive I'm doing this...but here's my laundry room. Keep in mind that topiary print was from my last house and I haven't been able to toss it yet...and I plan on refacing those cabinets someday...and...and...LOL...can't believe I'm putting my "dirty laundry" out there. Isn't the light fixture fabulous? 5 *'s right? LOL!!!

laundry room

Okay, back to house cleaning so I don't scare the little children who'll be coming to the door tomorrow with the interior of my home. Either that or I'll have to put the bowl outside so I don't have to open the door, haha!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We have pumpkins! Didn't seem like it was going to happen this year. Here they are:

One for Li, one for Snew, and one for my annual "Martha Stewart pumpkin". It's a tradition and I have to make it every year. It's basically polka-dotted. I'll post pics once it's carved and lit. I get picked on quite a bit for it, but I love it, so I don't listen. I'm thinking someday when I'm not around to carve it anymore it'll be missed, and someone else might decide to pick up the tradition and think of me when they do :).

Josh didn't want a pumpkin this year. Again. If they had a digital one that could simultaneously glow while tracking temperature changes and included a GPS feature that lists street names and could be bought at Circuit City or Best Buy then maybe, just maybe, he'd be into pumpkins.

Also, the kids spookified the topiary:

It looks really cool at night when it's lit up. Just some orange LED lights from Target, and some Dollar Tree spider web. I'm thinking of wrapping a black feather boa, and sprinkling some silver tinsel, around the base for added spookiness and shimmer on the night of Halloween. The only bad part of the kids putting spider webs all over the outdoor bushes is having to take them off. Not easy. Couldn't they make easy off webs? And sell them for a $1? :) The thing is...we're in's warm here(this year might be the exception, what is up with this weather???) and there are still real spiders crawling around. I wear gloves. And squeel in fear periodically because of a small crispy leaf or twig that somehow looks like a giant recluse spider in my eyes.

How're things at your place? Have you been done for a while? Or not even close, like me?

Monday, October 27, 2008


The Pier, Clearwater Beach, FL

Hope you had a great weekend. Ours The poodle got into nestle toll house morsels and had to be rushed to the animal emergency room. He's fine, but spent some time looking like a furry, brown bull frog because of the fluids they pumped in under his skin. With all this Halloween chocolate around right now it's pretty scary for me having watched what he went through. Take a quick look around and make sure the munchkins haven't left anything within reach if you've got any doggies. I'm off to play catch up on another Manic Monday... (sorry about the song in your head now, lol)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


As I had hoped, two very special little witches stopped by to pull a name out of the Jack-O-Lantern:

Two of my most favorite Bewitching Beauties...

They had soooo much fun cutting up the printed out comments and followers. Li couldn't believe "so many people want to be in your competition???" cute is she? Snew participates in marching band competitions so now every contest is called a competition. I said yes, I'm very lucky so many wonderful people stopped by and enterred. Thanks everyone, we had a lot of fun doing this!

I won't make you wait any longer...drumroll please.......


Congrats to Mommy2LilGems! (Being a follower totally worked because it was your following entry that was drawn :) )

There are so many wonderful treasures to be had at A Fanciful Twist, I hope you find something that makes you smile :)

Snew is already off to practice before tonight's competition, and Li is still going through all the entries in her pumpkin while singing the "this was fuh-un, this was fuh-un" song and periodically running over to me with someone's entry to rejoice with me about their funny pic. (NannyGoatsInPanties is a big hit needless to say, lol!)

Thanks, again, everyone! Come back soon!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Last day of Give-Away!

Please visit my Give-Away thread here and comment before Midnight EST tonight for your chance to win the $25 Gift Certificate. To those who've already enterred thank you. Reminder: If you follow my blog you'll get a second entry! A couple of very special little witches will be stopping by my place to pick a winner so be sure to check back on Saturday.

Here's my attempt at adding a touch of Halloween to my outdoor patio...on a budget:

Candy Corn Flambe'

I poured some of my precious candy corn (which I got free by CVS'ing) into my existing patio table centerpiece and "viola" ready for Halloween! Talk about frugal to a fault, haha!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Give Away details added!

Please see my "I'm not worthy" post, scroll down past my celebrations and nominations to the give-away information! Thanks!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm not worthy! and a *Give-Away*!

Thank you for joining me on my way over to A Fanciful Twist's Halloween Party! I hope you had as much fun as I did. So many creative and talented people. I had no idea what to expect and now cannot wait until next year! Special thanks go to all you BOO-tiful bloggers who said such nice things about my make me smile...a cheeks are killing me...but don't stop now, LOL!

my old boss (as a beautiful lady), me (as a sheriff/cowgirl) and my BFF (as the disco king)

I've also had something very exciting happen to me: My First Award!

Shazaaaam! I'm totally honored, and definitely humbled. See, it was presented to me by someone I recently discovered: Nicole at My Kids, My Love, and My Crazyness. Here's the post that got me hooked: Military Wives. So you can see how I might not feel worthy of an award from her, as it should be the other way around.

Thank you, Nicole!

Here are the rules for passing on this award:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the persons you've nominated.

I would now like to nominate:

Unpretentious Style

Just a Girl

Hooked on Houses

Southern Hospitality

Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder

Jewel Street Designs

The Adventures to Snewland (private - no link)

Living Locurto

Just to name a few :).

Check them out, and hope you love them just as much as I do.

Update: To celebrate my very first award I've decided to make this thread my very first Give-Away as well! I'll keep it open until Friday at midnight, the witching hour (sorry, Halloween Party hangover) and then I'll draw a winner on Saturday! All you need to do is comment me in this thread for one entry, and "follow" me by clicking on the link on my side bar for a second entry. I'm off right now to find something special for this and I'll post it ASAP! (don't forget to follow me for two chances )

Give-Away Details:

I'm so excited about this prize, and I hope you will be, too! I'm giving away $25 Gift Certificate towards your choice of the whimsical and beautiful items offered by A Fanciful Twist (our recent Halloween Blog Party hostess w/ the mostest).

Please be sure to enter by commenting below (get a 2nd entry by following :) ) and then pop over to her Etsy shop and take a look around at what you might spend it on! Here's an example of one I like:

"Strange Beautiful Lady - Carnivale" Print - A Fanciful Twist

Good luck!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Fun

Come on in...if you dare.

You're just in time...

to join us in our flight.

Grab your mask...

and your broom!

Don't forget your prettiest hat...

or your scariest black cat.

Off we fly, up through the air...

and through a black glistening forest with the wind in our hair.

We're on our way to a Halloween Party...

with A Fanciful Twist!

Hope to add more to this post later today! Thanks for joining us in our flight, the party is absolutely beautiful, and I don't think she'll be able to get me to leave.

Please keep an eye out...

for my Halloween party blog post tomorrow. I haven't even started working on it. It's going to be my first attempt so chances are you'll get a good chuckle from my attempt, ha!

Come back and see me sometime, k?

Wish me luck, and come back and see what I come up with...pretty please...with candy corn on top.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

If I only was a cat...

doodoo doo doo dodoo....(sung to the tune of If I Only Had A Brain)

If I were a cat...say a Siamese cat...I could recover from yesterday's hours long blog reading/commenting-palooza by snuggling into a cushy comfy laundry basket in the sun, while letting my sore back, fatigued eyes and cramped fingers recover. Wait...I wouldn't have fingers. I'd have little nubby things on my paws. And no thumbs. How would I hit the space bar???!!!

Nosleepus Siamesus Nermalus Specimen

Those were the thoughts going through my head when I dared to wake him trying to remove dry towels from the dryer. How rude of me...he is trying to sleep. For those not aware of my plight: Nermal doesn't let me sleep. Why? He feels like going out onto the lanai and seeing what's doing out there. And once he's out...well...there's not much going on so he'd like to come back in now. Right now. And this is our fun little overnight routine as previously chronicled. I'm exhausted. It's like having a newborn in the house.

Siamese Stretch...

Needless to say the irony of him being annoyed by me going about my daily duties, which might wake him from his catnaps, is not lost on me.

Our conversation went a little like this:

Me:"dum,de,dum...doin' laundry..."

Nermal: perks his head up and glares at me from laundry basket (glares aren't as glary when they're done with adorably crossed eyes)

Me:"oh, I'm sorry buddy...were you TRYING TO SLEEP?"

Nermal: glares at me with one eye

Me:"isn't it just soooo RUDE when you're trying to sleep but SOMEONE won't let you?"

Nermal: closes both eyes and ignores me until I leave

I'm ignoring you...

Thank you to everyone who stopped by

and commented yesterday!!!

SiTSah's rule. It's true. You can make a very unspecial little blog feel like the prettiest blog in the world.

Come back soon, will ya?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SiTS Blog-a-thon!!!

Now, we all know I won't be participating in a marathon any time soon. Possibly a coupon-a-thon like I did last night (hope it helps, Dani :) ) but there will be no running for this blogger.

What will I be doing instead? Why I'll be participating in a BLOG-a-thon! What is a blog-a-thon you ask? I don't know. LOL!!! I know that it involves my new obsession: reading fantastic "SiTS" Blogs, and lots of FABULOUS PRIZES! Of course you can join the fun! You don't even need to ask, silly. Just click the link and you're on your way:

What is SiTS? Well, it's a fantastic community of funny, smart, creative, and talented bloggers who share their blogs with eachother, and take the time to comment! I'm a total newbie but I can already attest to loving it, and wanting to participate more and more as time goes on. You will, too. Pinky swear.

Here are 5 fabulous blogs I've encountered - and it was hard only picking 5 - during my recent travels through SiTS blogland:

Pennies in my Pocket

Thrifty Decor Chick

Jewel Street Designs


Where's my Angels?

Oh, and there are so many more you will fall head over heels for. Remember: The Secret is in The Sauce!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Spooky tree...

Unfortunately Snew was still working through the recent bug she's been fighting and couldn't participate in marching band this weekend. On the positive side Li and I finally got around to making the Halloween tree I've been wanting to try. Here's a peek:

So spoooookyyyy...

This was so much fun. Just some crepe myrtle branches spray painted black with left over spray paint from the light post at one of the rentals. We cut out some spooky shapes from construction paper and used silver tinsel as ribbon to hang them. Lots of fun and no $ spent :). I like that the semi-gloss paint makes it shimmer and shine. We also got our orange lights wrapped onto the topiary in the entrance way. We're getting there.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bargain Alert!

I love "home-made-y" looking ornaments on my Christmas Tree. The Dollar Store has these:

They are adorable and I snatched up a half dozen for my tree before they were gone. Here's a close up shot of one to better show details:

For a buck? Yes, please.

Unfortunately, and obviously, there wasn't anything left I liked which I could use for Halloween decorating. I have no idea what I'm going to do...I really want to participate in the blog parties this year but I'd like to somewhat be able to hang with all the talented and crafty people who will be sharing their amazing decor. We'll see what I can come up with, lol. I'm excited and can't wait to see everyone else's posts! What parties will you be participating in?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Kitchen Inspiration Photo...

My kitchen is done. As done as it will get. I may play with the decor a bit now and then, but the basics are in place. My Mom's kitchen is in process. Very, very exciting. Her house came with peach slab cabinets. Those were popular here in Spring Hill, FL in the 80's. They're gone. It's coming out sooo good. Her selections have been made. She's going to play with the decor a bit. I still find myself looking at kitchens. On gardenweb they call it TKO: Totally Kitchen Obsessed. I guess you never really get over it.

Here's a beautiful kitchen from RateMySpace:

I like the lighter floor w/ the darker cabs. I like how it's repeated reversely with the bar stools. The pendants are fantastic. 5*'s right?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

So good that I needed to share it

This post speaks to me, and for me. I feel these words at my core but could never of shared them so eloquently. Please make your way over the "Rocks in My Dryer" and read her hopes for her children during this economic crisis.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The 3 B's

Bravo - This channel is chock full of my favorite shows and I can't stop watching.

Blogs - I'm spending waaaay too much time reading all your blogs. They're just sooo goooood.

Butch - My loyal companion shares in my Bravo & Blog obsessions...or maybe he snuggles along side of me because the a/c makes him chilly. Either way it's nice to have someone else in the house to share them with. And he doesn't judge me when the dishes are still in the sink because of the first two B's.

Butch...and his squeeky...

Went CVS'ing today...Oh, and pic of my tattoo

Total purchase came to $36.65
Subtract coupons and ECBs 30.09
Amount I paid $ 6.56
ECB's I got on receipt 9.96
So, basically CVS paid me $ 3.40 to take $36.65 worth of stuff home with me.

I limit my purchases to stuff we actually use so I'm not doing as well as most. And I pick up stuff we need that isn't on sale because I'm new at this and don't have a lot of coupons yet. But still pretty good right? Josh is excited about it, and so am I.

Before you go feeling too bad for CVS - the prescriptions I picked up for Snew today had a $40 co-pay, and insurance paid for the rest. I'm pretty sure they make out okay in the long run :).

Wanted to post a pic...blogs just seem more interesting with pics, right? Hmmmmm....

Don't have any CVS themed pics, but i do have this pretty bird of paradise:

Bird of Paradise

as well as a pic of the version on my back:

My Bird of Paradise Tattoo

Designed by graffiti artist "Wombat" and applied somewhere in Boston, MA back before it was legal. I still love it as much as I did when it was first applied many, many, many moons ago.

You just never know where you'll end up when you first set out to post about coupons, lol.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Quote that is currently inspiring me...

Let no man be sorry he has done good,

because others have done evil.

- Henry Fielding


Grand Champions!

Congratulations to the 2008 HPIMBF Grand Champions: The Sprinstead High Marching Eagle Brigade of Spring Hill, FL.

Great job all, and I'm so proud of you, Snew!

(Can you please stay home and rest now? lol...We need to try and get you healthy, k? :) )

Saturday, October 04, 2008


There is a very weird mix going on in my house right now. Remnants from Snew's Sweet 16, my regular decor, and Halloween slowly (really slowly) creeping in. How will I ever be ready for the blog parties?

We're off to the Citrus High Hurricane Pride Invitational. Go Springstead, woooohoooooo!

Friday, October 03, 2008

I know he's kinda evil...

but he's just so darn cute...this is what he was doing at my feet yesterday while I snapped a pic of the pagoda candle holder:

Nosleepus Siamesus...

I think I can change'm. Or maybe not.

Another thing that made me smile yesterday was this:

White Bird of Paradise flower bud...

I am so excited! It's finally happening! It's flowering, it's flowering!!! I love birds of paradise - both the bird (as in the tattoo on my back) and the flower. And guess what:

2nd flower bud...
There's another one. Two. Holy moly. These bad boys cannot open soon enough for me. They're a great plant if you live in my area, Hernando County, FL. You can buy them small for cheap. They grow super fast. They grow super tall. They give off baby plants at the base regularly for your splitting pleasure (can you say fantastically frugal? now four times fast. sorry.). They're oh so very tropical looking. The frosts we've had haven't bothered them in the least. Oh, and nothing seems to eat them. Perfect, right?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today's Goodwill Finds...

While Josh went to Lowe's to have keys made for rental numero quatro, and since I had been a good girl and gone to Kmart this morning to take advantage of the Double Coupon Days, I felt I had earned a run through Spring Hill's Goodwill Super Center. I made a couple of scores, I'm excited about 'em, and thought I'd share the details with you:

The green metal box

The lid opens, and then the flap in the front also opens...

It's some sort of organizer...

Logan De Luxe Movie Reel Chest

I think it will hold my coupons for my new venture into CVS-ing. It cost me a whopping $1.06.

Next up we have a combo of two of my favorite things...well, three actually: copper, patina, and pineapples:

Note smudge of patina ^

2 buckaroos

I've already got the perfect spot for it picked out on my kitchen wall.

Next up comes a beautiful dish which just so happens to have a shade of green in it very similar to the Tate Olive accents in our Kitchen/Family room. This plate does a good job of pulling all the colors in the room together:

It will reside amongst the chickens above the cabs...

It cost .76...he hee...

My home (as seen in my header pic) has a bit of an Asian feel...especially in context of all the curvy, arched Meditteranean homes that surround we've incorporated that in our exterior decor. Actually a little inside as well come to think of it. I had to have this heavy pagoda styled candle holder:

so heavyyyy....

This was the one I kept almost putting back. Why? Because it was the priciest item. $4.06. Then I remembered all the incredibly decorated homes and outdoor spaces I see daily here on blogland, and on RMS, etc., and decided to go for it. I've got to start somewhere right? I'm naughty.

Last, but certainly not least, is this beautiful item:

Vase in soft aqua color...

Made in Portugal...

I spotted a glimpse of my current color obsession and had to investigate. Upon nearing end cap I saw this beautiful vase filled with faux daisies. I lifted it up, checked to see if was for sale, saw the tag...$1.06...and it was made in Portugal. I told it in portuguese that it was coming home with me. I left the daisies behind so they could plop'm in another vase to make the end cap look pretty again.

How'd I do? :)