Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My New Year's Resolution...

Okay, so just one of many (I always set myself to fail big time - go big or go home...and by home I mean to D'n'D's for a Caramel Swirl Iced Latte no whip cream no sugar by Jan 02...where was I?  oh, yeah) resolutions I'm making this year is to invest in some statues for our garden.  I am definitely drawn to them, especially when they're aged and look like they've been there forever and a day.  I better get cracking because forever doesn't just happen over night.  Unless you smoosh some sort of buttermilk/beer concoction on 'em, like Martha.  Seriously.  Google it.  Never mind I did it for you.  Don't forget to come back and see my pics.

Back?  Cool huh?  I know, right?

Here are a few of the statues that pulled at my heart strings while strolling through the Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota:

I've got some kind of obsession with this guy.  I own several small ones...

This one almost seemed to glow in the shadows, it's so white...

Little mermaid overlooking the coi, reminded me of Weeki Wachee here in Hernando County...

Floating over the coi pond, I feel serene just looking at him...

Any resolutions this year?
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm baaaaaack! And I missed you!

Sarasota was great! Not nearly as different from where I live as South Beach, or Key West, but there were definitely some areas that knocked my socks off. We had a really hard time finding waterfront restaurants - turns out that's because we headed the wrong way on Lido Key - but somehow always seemed to luck out and walk into a little place, with a little deck, a little table for two, and a great big view. I've got fodder for post after post and will definitely have to reign myself in from posting a bazillion posts about it.  Siesta key is my personal favorite.  Loved it.

It was great to spend some much needed alone time with my hunny.

The views were amazing.

This was our view, from our table, as we ate dinner one night.

Hope you are all having a very healthy
 and Happy Holidays!

I missed you - and your blog - more than I'd like to admit, hahaha,
and am itching to catch up on it all.

For now it's back to reality, which included cleaning my grubby lanai
 - hopefully, and unfortunately.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm outta here...

Leaving tomorrow AM for our mini-vacation to Sarasota, FL. 

Where I hope to enjoy all of the below:

(all images found via google searches - not mine)

Hoping to take lots of pics to share with you all.  

Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful holiday photos, every time I've been able to sneak a few minutes online I've been devouring them with my eyes.  

Sorry I haven't had time to comment, 
I promise to make up for it soon!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Giveaway Winner!

First a big THANK YOU to all who enterred! 

Second a big SORRY that I'm late posting the winner! 

Last, but certainly not least, our winner:


If you haven't checked out her blog yet please do.  
Her home, and her blog, are amazing.  
Don't just take my word for it, see for yourself!  

I'm trying to work on my post for all the home tour parties, as well as comment on the tree parties, but we've got some health issues goin' on in our house right now, ack!  

Goodwill - $1.06 - and a few ornaments I already had...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wanna take a gander at our tree?

Well then, here ya go:

Our Tree - 2008

No tree topper this year because unfortunately it's not actually our tree anymore...

It's their tree fort.  

Can you tell what they're thinking?  I know them and can tell that they're asking me exactly just what do I think I am doing, and could I please back away from their tree fort...like now.

I keep having to pull the tree skirt out from under the pool table, and lay it back under the tree.  I don't dare tie it up because then the whole tree is coming down.  To be on the safe side the tree topper is in Li's room on her little tree this year, where it's safe, hopefully.  In it's place I tied a big ol' bow on top instead.  It's like the tree is a present...for the cat & dog.

Some of our ornaments:

I painted it myself...

I call this one John Mayer...

Snew made this years and years ago...

Santa's chillin' in FL...

Look familiar?

You know I just had to...

So glowyyy...

Can't get enough of checking out other families' Christmas trees?  Me neither.  Head on over to We are That Family's Tree Linky Party thingy majiggy as well as Thrifty Decor Chick's for even more!!!  

Now I'd like to see your tree, tree fort, giant cat cheek scratcher, etc.  Pretty please?  With a big (huge) bow on top?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Remember when I said that your blog is inspiring?

Well, it's so inspiring that when I saw a star with a capis looking finish on clearance at Marshall's for $5.00 because something was missing from it's center,  I felt like I could make something with it.  Something Christmasy.  It's all your fault...I mean...thanks to you! 

Star w/ a Capiz looking finish...

Little white dove, with some golden berries, that I had at home already...

4" pretty green ribbon I had bought at Tuesday Morning a couple of weeks ago...

I added a few red berries and some greenery borrowed off an ornament...

Then I hung it over a mirror...I'm unstoppable now.

Now for a couple holiday decorations I purchased at 
Target 3 years ago but still love bunches:

I added this hanging snowflake made of greenery to the center of a piece of ironwork 
on the wall of my entryway to give it a festive look.

My Front Door Wreath

The front door color is my current fave Martha Stewart's Shiraz. I was a little worried about how the wreath might look now that the front door isn't red anymore, but I think I like it better.

  Please stop by The Inspired Room 
and check out all the talented bloggers who have added their links.

Thanks so much for visiting today!  
Please don't forget to comment on my Giveaway Post!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Florida curb appeal I find appealing, IV...& Giveaway!

Today's the final day of pics...I had fun posting them and have ideas popping in my head (along with the sugar plums) of other types of posts I could do showcasing the variety of homes found around Spring Hill (ex: brightest houses).  At the end of this post is a GIVEAWAY!  Why?  Because the kids like picking a winner, they're lots of fun, and I like giving you stuff.  

Rare two story...how big is that window?
I'm pretty sure that's the biggest window I've ever seen...

This one has a different look...I like the stone in the entry...

and the cathedral style windows...

This house is so big it's more like a hotel...

A big balcony...

Archway over the driveway...

Detached garage with RV door...

Now it's Giveaway time.

  All you need to do to enter is comment this post and let me know which home was your favorite!

That's it.  Have more than one favorite?  Post more than once! 
( Enter up to 11 times)

What am I giving away?  Well, something I've become addicted to recently, thanks to Cherry's Jubilee.  She posted about how good Glade's Clean Linen smells (just like Snew's favorite YC Clean Cotton!) and I picked some up and discovered she was absolutely right.  Here's your chance to check it out for yourself - on me.

1 Glade Scented Candle Holder, and 1 pack of refills in Clean Linen,

and a $10.00 CVS gift card.

These will come wrapped so you can put them under your tree as a gift from me,
or share them with someone else this holiday season!  Good luck!

Contest open until this Saturday at Midnight...Girls will be picking a winner Sunday afternoon.

Some Florida curb appeal I find appealing, III...

Thanks for checking back in on day three of my posts showcasing some of the homes in and around Spring Hill, FL that I enjoy looking at.  I'm hoping that you do, too. 

I love reading your comments on them and hearing about which you like.    

And now for day 3's homes:

I like the square lines and covet all that garage space, unfortunately I caught it on trash day...

Very cool fountain...

This one is absolutely stunning in person...

I like the turret feel of the bump outs, and the corbels at the roof line...

This one is set back on a large corner lot...

I like the stonework on the columns and garage...

Circular courtyard feeling driveway leading to garage and entrance...

More of those corbels I seem to like, and the fountain I love...

Any new favorites?

Mine is still the first house from day 1.