Sunday, May 20, 2007

4 days left, people.

That's right, the impending doom of our financial security will befall us on May 24th, 2007. Marshall's is holding it's grand opening. They sent out post cards (did everyone get them? or is my paranoia of them stalking me well founded???) with a tempting peek at what will be waiting for me...ugh!

In any case, Josh was so sweet as to get me a belated Mother's Day Gift : A birdbath! It's adorable. I've placed it right outside my office window and look at it every 4.3 seconds (sometimes more) in hopes of spotting a bather. None as of yet, dirty little birds! We ran out to Lowe's yesterday and picked up a gorgeous bird feeder and strategically positioned it in hopes of bringing the birds into my sight line. Still no luck. I now have a trail of bird seed leading from the walk way to under the bird feeder (much like the Hanzel & Gretel but in this case the witch is the one leaving the trail ;-) ). Let's hope this works!

Come on mean BIRDS!