Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fort Lauderdale, FL

We spent the weekend in

I had forgotten just how beautiful the beach is,
how much I love the diversity, and yes,
even the humidity.

The fact that it's only a four hour car ride away
from Spring Hill means we'll be back...



Odie Langley said...

Those were some really beautiful pictures Natalia. We are about 3 hours from the NC beaches and 5 hours from the mountains. When we did our Christmas cruise a couple of years ago we left from Jacksonville and when we got back we went to Daytona for a couple of days. That is all of Fl I have seen so far. Thanks for sharing & that sure is a pretty dress in your picture. Take care & catch you later.

anita said...

looks nice there :)

youve been on some nice travel adventures!

Natalia Cardoza said...

I'd have to say that my very favorite place in Florida is Key West. Definitely worth a visit!

The beach and the color of the water in Fort Lauderdale was stunning. We had a great time.

Thanks for the visit =)