Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Okay, first off, I need to post a link to our main web site: www.HernandoLuxuryHomes.com, because unless Josh has time to help me fix the links over on the right, they won't work anytime soon, lol! Please visit our site, and of course, provide some feedback for us! What can we add or change to make it user friendly for YOU?

Now, back to the business at hand: Kitchens. We redid ours almost 2 years ago, wow! Time flies when your helping people buy and sell homes!!! Well, needless to say we LOVE our kitchen. It was soooo yucky when we bought this place. Back when we were looking for homes in Spring Hill, Hernando County, Florida, there weren't a whole lot to pick from, so waiting for something to come on the market with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, etc., in our price range was not going to happen. Instead my job as the official searcher (Josh was back in MA glued to his laptop & cell phone virtually helping me look!) was to find a house with good bones, in a great neighborhood, with a price that left us some $$$ to make it our own. Oh, and a pool!

Now-a-days, in this Buyer's Market, that is no longer the case with most of the buyers we've worked with. They want move in ready, and with sooooooo many to pick from, they can get it, too. Very few homes are able to scrape by unscathed with their original ( & outdated) interiors! Either you price it accordingly, or eventually a buyer will for you! That's my personal philosophy in any case. And trust me, that $6-10,000 it would have cost you to upgrade...um...yeah...it becomes $30,000k or more once you finally sell. Hmmmmm....I say do it now if you can! But that's just my personal opinion of course, and this is my blog, so there. :)

Well, what I'm trying to get to is that my Mom is going to be updating pretty much her whole house. (She bought a home in Spring Hill, FL first, a couple month later by brother followed, then came little sis, and then me! Within 6 months we were all here.) I've been vicariously helping her design her new kitchen in my mind. I've printed out umpteen million inspiration kitchens I've come across online, and just today I picked up three more kitchen mags. Soooooo beautiful. Here is a link to one of my favorite Kitchen sites...it is a MUST SEE: LINK Make sure your granite is sealed before you click! You're sure to do some serious drooling!!!