Friday, August 24, 2007

Assistant to the assistant Hernando Luxury Homes

I've decided I need an assistant. I'm pretty slammed all day long. Someone to bring me my coffee, perhaps a few peanuts to snack on now & then, and commiserate with when the *bleeping* MLS e-mail function isn't working right, again!

I had three applicants. Well, they didn't really apply. But honestly, they're always around, loafing, mooching, living the "Florida Lifestyle" which I thought would be my own. In accordance they were volunteered by myself for the position.

I thought I had a front runner initially, after all, every time I get up, I come back to find her in my spot, in MY chair! But her be frank...she's quite nasty. Product of a rough upbringing, prior to my own meeting of her. She just wouldn't do. I needed someone a bit more positive to keep me going.

Well, I'm glad to announce a winner! His upbeat attitude, eager to please way, and always ready to run spirit has made him the clear choice:

Assistant to the Assistant

We're working on the coffee thing.


P.S. The cats aren't disappointed at continuing their current retirement...they seem relieved that the position has been filled, and they can once again return to lounging under a chaise by the pool.


ThriftyDecorChick said...

Hee hee! That was so cute, and you had me right till the end. I'm not so quick...
By the way, there is NO WAY you have a daughter in high school!!!! What?? Do they ever compete in Bands of America competitions?