Friday, September 28, 2007

Tropical Landscaping Hernando Luxury Homes

At the time of year where I still expect to look out at a pile of leaves pushed up against my fence that need to be raked & bagged, I instead look out at...tropical palms & flowers :). Gotta love it.

We have recently added a few more plants to our landscaping, and judging by how busy the plant dept.'s were on all three visits I'm guessing we're not the only ones enjoying planting at this time of year.

I'll start off with our "bad news"...we bought a couple of "black" elephant ear plants. These literally look like black velvet tropical leaves. Gorgeous! Well, we wanted to show them off and planted them in the beds out front. Full sun. Um, good. Even with constant watering they were literally crisping in the sun. I finally dug'm up and ran out back to plant them in the shady bed behind the pool. They're touch & go at this point, and I'm really hoping they make a full recovery. They're just so cool! Here's a
link to someone else's, I'll post a pic of ours if they survive.

On to the "good news". In addition we're attempting a sort of lush privacy screening along our rear retaining wall. We planted 3 oleanders, 4 white fountain grasses, an orange bird of paradise, two variegated white butterfly gingers, and a
firecracker bush. I have been lusting after my neighbor's firecracker bush for a couple years now, and am really excited about this gorgeous plant. All seem to settling in very happily.

We replaced the two elephant ears up front with some really pretty burgandy'sh foliage but I can't remember the name right now, will have to come back to post.

Being out in the yard watering the new plantings is a pleasure as the
"Elle" rose planted in my niece's "Daddy Angel Garden" (in memorium of her Dad) is just flowering and flowering and if your familiar with this plant in any way you'll know just how fragrant these beautiful roses are. The whole back yard smells like them, it is heavenly which is completely appropriate when you take into account it's source. See, the "Daddy Angel Garden" is filled with angels carefully positioned by my niece. It is a wonderful little tribute to her wonderful Daddy, who is now an angel.

As hectic as life can be, especially when dealing with real estate transactions lol!, it is so important to take some time to "smell the roses".