Monday, September 29, 2008

My first attempt...

at the CVS thingy...I don't know what it's called...I'm going to call it "CVS-ing".

Ok, this isn't a good comparison to many you'll find out there in blogland because let's face it: I'm new to this, and there was stuff not on sale I had to buy. Please keep that in mind. Overall I think it's a good effort. Not great, but better than what I would've spent normally for the same items.

Dawn Dishsoap Liquid on sale for .99 this week, with coupon from Sunday's paper for -.25 it cost me .74. Hooray. I picked the one that smells like apples. Not too shabby, huh?

Tide Liquid 32 loads on sale for $4.99 this week, with coupon from Sunday's paper for -1.00 it cost me $3.99. For Tide. Crazy, right? (I know this isn't my Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena...but when times are tough you've gotta make due. I'll treat myself again soon.)

2 Colgate toothpastes - 1 max fresh (on sale $2.99) so I could use -1.00 coupon, and 1 regular ($2.79) so I could use -.75 coupon from Sunday's paper. Would've been $6.08, but I spent $4.03 for both when just the one max fresh is over 3 bucks normally.

This one is good!:
1 Gillette Fusion Razor (w/ 5 razor heads) on sale for $9.99. CVS gives you $5.00 worth of ECB (extra care bucks) when you buy this, so that's -$5.00. With my coupon for -$4.00 from Sunday's paper, I just paid .99. Wow.

1 Charmin Ultra 12 pack on sale for $6.99 - coupon for -$.25....hey I'll take it....

12 packs of Coke brand cans are on sale (which I would need to buy regardless) 4 for $13.00. CVS is giving you $3.00 worth of ECB's so I got 4 cases for 10 bucks. So each case cost me $2.50. I'll take it, too....

Pringles are on sale so I picked up two cans of Sour Cream & Onion for Li - .99 each

Snew needed loose leaf paper - 2 packs - 1.99 each.

I used my CVS coupons for $5 off $25, and $3 off 15. All that stuff at the end of your receipt is actually pretty nifty if you use'm it turns out.

So... what should've cost me $69.22 ended up costing me $34.91. That's $34.31 saved. Plus I walked out with $8.00 worth of ECB's for my next visit, and a coupon for $5 off $25 - so $13.00 in CVS money, lol. $34.91 less the $13.00 equals $21.91. I saved 63%. Yup.

Not as impressive as most, but dang good for us! :)

Josh said he likes my new second job, lol.

(Please check out my blog list for the blogs that are inspiring my new penny pinching ways!)


HernandoLuxuryHomes said...

Great Job, Nat! I can't wait to spend your savings!

I them GROW...yeah...

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