Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why did the chicken cross the road? HernandoLuxuryHomes = Spring Hill Real Estate

To get to my kitchen, of course!

In between doctor's visits for my Snew, real estate stuff, dropping off then picking up Butch at groomer's, dropping off then picking up prescriptions, cooking lunch and now dinner I've been reading through many of the blogs I've linked to on my blog list. Soooo good. Crazy good. So much inspiration, personality, talent, wisdom & humor. I am humbled, entertained, inspired, and hopeful (especially for "nienie"!) I need more time so I can enjoy you all. I love how my blog list thingymajiggy (technical term) keeps me updated as to what's posted when. Much easier than trying to visit them all daily to check for updates.

I also plan on spending as much time as I can squeeze out of my day coming up w/ more money saving ideas because needless to say: we are broke! We are house rich and cash poor. In my opinion if there's ever a time to get this way it is during a down market. When things swing the other see where I'm going, right? lol

I did find an old photo of above my cabinets which shows some (this is only a small part) of my chicken collection which I promised to share. I've since done some rearranging (those green candle holders are gone for example) and I like it better now. But this photo does give you an idea of how I've tried to make them work by spray painting them to go w/ our current color scheme, etc.

We've got pics of the original kitchen, along with pics taken after our remodel that I should share with you. It had those ubiquitous slab cabinets so prevalent in the new construction homes built in Spring Hill, FL in the 80's. At least they were beige. But my goodness were they ugly. The transformation is one we're quite proud of, and I post them when I find them. Because I have been well trained by the forums I frequent I will of course name the paint colors/brands in the pic. The green is "Tate Olive" by Behr, and the beige is "Coral Cliche" by Glidden. Cabinet color is "Fusion Maple". It looks better without those tall green candle holders. I don't know what to do with those things. I loved them so much at Joanne Fabrics but now that the dining room is our office they're homeless.

Thanks for taking a peek!