Friday, September 05, 2008

Wow. Gorgeous. HernandoLuxuryHomes = Spring Hill Real Estate

Popped in to take a quick gander through Rate My Space when what did I spy with my little eye? A gorgeous foyer! Needed to share it with you. The light fixture is fantastic:

Here's the link to the rest of the photos of this foyer.

I'm back again to share another. I think I'll turn this thread into a gallery of some of my favorite rooms decorated by some very talented home owners.

Look at this living room:

And the link is here.

Sooooo pleasing to the eye. Crisp, clean, just enough contrast to give it interest. I like it a lot. Unfortunately I do not have the commitment required for a room like this. My tastes vary so greatly, and I've always got stuff bought for me, or made for me, by the kids that I need to display. So unless I could convince them to only paint or color in, can you see how this would be difficult for me? I do have to admit to having spray painted several of my chickens (okay, so they're roosters, I call them chickens) given to me over the years. I think I'm up to 22 in my kitchen right now and to have them all contrasting in bright clashing shades would overwhelm the eye. But, they're gifts, and I want to keep them, so I make them work. A bit of chocolate brown, off white, silver, and olive green spray paint, and viola! A cohesive look. And I have left a few of them in their original colors as well. I'll take pics soon and post. Promise.

I'll be back if anything else catches my eye on my travels through Rate My Space :). I'm back. And I'm in shock. And awe. I'm a huge fan of "mariaferlo" on there, and lo and behold she has a blog! And a website. Hence the shock AND the awe. I'm so excited, and I rushed to share it with you. Haven't even done more than a quick glance through yet so no comments. Here ya go:

website blog

I need more hours in a day, and I need'm now.

Snew has a game tonight, and her littlest yet biggest fan Li will be in the stands hollering and clapping along side me! Yay!

If you happen to be in the Spring Hill area, come on by the game!


Damon said...

If you like Rate My Space, check out Your Neighbor's Place - it's very similar. It's just getting started, but worth a look.

Mariafer said...

Hi Natalie, thank you for stopping by
and thank you sooooo much for making me feel like a star today! I love your blog.
Have a great weekend!!

Mariafer said...

Hi Natalie, thank you for stopping by and thanks soooooo much for make me feel like a star today!!!
I love your blog!
Have a great weekend,