Friday, August 29, 2008

Hellish day saved by the Night of Flight HernandoLuxuryHomes = Spring Hill Florida Real Estate

We had the walk through and I definitely spoke too soon. Not done. Had to have our handyman out to fix a couple drains, and have to have a window company come out for some windows. Ack! I'm already over budget on this house, dang it! In any case this was the first pre-lease walk through I've ever walked away from feeling bad. So bad I cried. Yup.

We'll see where this leads...right now I'm wishing I had held off and done the lease option that came up the day after I told the other agent her people had been approved. If only I had a crystal ball.

Maybe things will improve drastically from here, and all will be well. Maybe I'll actually feel good about this whole thing again.

The trellis I put up yesterday and tied the yellow flowering vine to looked spectacular IMHO. Wish it was at my place. Ah, and learn.

As soon as I publish this blog I'm heading off to Snew's Night of Flight! What a fantastic way to turn a day around and brighten my spirits. I'm ready to have my socks knocked right off. Well, I live in Florida, so I guess it'll be my flip flops getting knocked off, lol. Their show is based on West Side Story...I know, right! I'll report back ASAP.

And I'm back to smiling as quickly as that.