Saturday, August 30, 2008

Springstead Marching Eagle Brigade of Spring Hill, FL is BRINGING IT this year!!! HernandoLuxuryHomes = Spring Hill Real Estate

I knew my day was headed for an upturn, and I was absolutely right. They did not disappoint. All the blood, sweat & tears...and more sweat...did I mention sweat, paying off big time. We were blown away with how well their performance was already. Westside Story makes for a fantastic show. The music lends itself to participation, whether by yelling "mambo!" along with them, doing a little cha cha in your seat, or the way you can't help but burst into applause with hoots and hollers coming out of you that you didn't even know you were capable of because you're just that into it.

Great, great job guys & gals. And of course my own make your Momma proud each and every time. You're your own worst critic, I know. But, trust me when I say that you're doing your best out there, and it shows!

Josh is out at our 3rd rental right now w/ the window guy. He's doing the two in the living room while he's there so we don't have any future issues. I feel like a slot machine, and all I can here is the money pouring out of me, lol.

I look around my own home and wonder if I'll ever get it up to the standards of my rentals. My "to do" list for my own house just grows and grows. It's always someday, where with our rentals it has to be now.

Then again, I look at what owning those homes means to me. Both emotionally - it's a passion of mine - and financially - hopefully they'll serve to be a way to help my family in the future. In the end I still think it's all worth it, and we'll come out on top.

On a side note:

For those who've asked, if you have any questions for Josh Hanoud, please contact him at . He specializes in Spring Hill, FL, Real Estate, which includes Brooksville, the rest of Hernando County, and up into Citrus, and down into Pasco & Pinellas counties. To view homes for sale in Spring Hill, FL please go to or . He's got a really user friendly home search on there that you do not need to register for.