Saturday, August 09, 2008

Please do not look the other way - Russia out of Georgia NOW!!!

Update: Let's go even further back in time! Georgia has been trying to avoid this for MONTHS, and asking for HELP!!!

First let's go back in time a bit - read below - see what Georgia offered Russia - and Russia invaded anyway. This is disgusting!!!

Please continue to pray, and speak out in any way you can about what is going on in Georgia!!! Please, they need our attention or Russia is going to steam roll them!!!

Please watch this video:

I am ashamed that a democratic nation can be attacked like this without those it supports coming to it's aid.

They sent their soldiers to die along with ours in Iraq!!! Please speak out!!!

They are using internal strife to settle an old score!!! And stop them from joining NATO in the future and becoming an even stronger US supporter & friend!