Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Huh? What was that? A what? Pat on the back...I like...

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I so often concentrate on what I'm not doing right, what I haven't gotten around to yet, what goals I'm not reaching, that to have a positive thought creep in is literally like a ray of sunshine peeking into my mind through the dark clouds.

It makes me stop. For me that is no small thing. I'm always all over the place mentally. And to stop for a moment and think of one thing is a nice break.

I've realized we must be doing something right. I've been in this buy/fix/rent game for a short time. I've done 3 so far. Some how we've already reached a point where we've developed a bit of a rep and get calls from agents asking if we have anything for their renters.
We're told it's because they've seen what we do, and they know their renters will love our places.

Pat, pat, pat. That feels good.

We've completely put our money where our mouth is. We've made a deep commitment to Spring Hill, Florida, and our belief that it is absolutely worth investing in. Would you like to join us? Let Josh know of your insterest, and any questions you might have.

Well, we're in process of negotiations with the bank for our fourth. Wish us luck. I promise to share more pics at some point! In the mean time here's our 3rd place. She's a beauty, and we're proud of her transformation.


Also, please keep speaking out in behalf of Georgia. You cannot imagine what they're going through right now. Russia is breaking them down. They are being so brave. They are holding on. They want peace. They want freedom. They want democracy and a chance for their little ones to have the same lives as our little ones. Good people deserve good things. Please don't let their struggle be in vain. It is our struggle, too. All together we make a difference.