Wednesday, October 01, 2008

If a house falls on me...

I'll know why.

Yesterday, while running during P.E., Li was pushed by a boy. She fell, flipped, and slid...and he ran right over her, and kept going. Her knees are raw, her shin, ankle, shoulder and cheek are covered in road rash (yes, I know it's not an actual rash, Li, but it's what people call it) and she has a bump on her forehead.

While removing the old bandages, cleaning up the wounds as best I could, and applying neosporin and clean band-aids I had a few choice words for said little boy. I said he was a meany, and that he should've atleast stopped to see if she was okay. Even if it wasn't on purpose the least he could've done was mutter an "I'm sorry", right? I said he had no manners, and that he was a bully...things along those lines. She looked up at me and said "Titia, a house is going to fall on you now." Wha? A house is going to fall on me? Like a witch? Huh? "Because you said that stuff about that boy." I thought about this. Had I really said anything so terrible? There was sooooo much worse I could've said, that I held in and only thought. Then I realized that my thoughts could've potentially warranted a house drop or two so I looked back at her and said "As long as it doesn't land on you, I'm good."

If I'm going to be a wicked witch, I want to look like the Barbie version...