Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Made it just before the witching hour!

Me & Li

My annual "Martha Stewart" pumpkin is on the left in front of the white one, lol. I made the holes to small this year. We had somewhere around 175 kids I'd estimate...down from last year and the year before. I thought being on a Friday would've meant more...hmmmmm......

Li had so much fun she didn't even want to trick or treat - she just wanted to hand out the candy!


Once things slowed down we headed over to Snew's high school to catch the band play after the homecoming game.


Hope you had a very Happy Halloween!


nicole said...

What a cute witch!

It is so sweet when they prefer giving than getting.

afiori said...

awww she's so cute! Orange hair looks strangely pretty too. :-D
175 kids??? 175 kids came to your house??? :-o

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jewelstreet said...

That is a serious ton of kids! The Martha Stewart pumpkin turned out great. Mine didn't want to go trick or treating this year either so next year we're just handing out candy.

The Decorated House said...

Hi Natalie~
Everything looked so festive and Halloweeny at your house! Love your pumpkins and the kidlets are so cute. You did have a lot of trick or treaters! What fun.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Looks like a hearty Halloween! 175! wowza. We had exactly 1. So sad...But the kids had fun!!

Natalie said...

We're the first street in our development which is across the street from the YMCA. Everyone parks at the Y, and the police work the intersection so they cross safely on foot into our development. Then there are the vans/pick up trucks crammed with kids that cruise the streets. Being the very first street we get slammed, which is awesome! As Halloween is my favorit holiday, I'm in heaven. We normally get almost 300 kids so this year when it completely died down at 8 I was bumming. Although, I didn't feel guilty heading out to the game for Snew's performance :).

Thanks for stopping by, and for the wonderful comments!

Natalie said...

P.S. Never light pumpkin candles while wearing a feather boa...inside your house...on your pool table...

The one I'm wearing in the pic is now sitting in my laundry sink.


AwtemNymf said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! No T-o-T'ers :O(
This is the 1st time in this house (we moved in June) that we had Halloween so we didn't know what to expect this side of town. We ain't moving *lol* We bought this house and will be here for 30 years (mortgage plan). We hoped for the best and was also prepared for the worst. The economy is difficult for people this year so that may have something to do with it too. A lot of foreclosures this year! We were lucky to buy our house at the time we did on a fixed rate too.
Good to see you had a magikal Halloween! I love the pictures! Love them!
Faerie Hugs!